Excel form on worksheet open doesnt always load correctly

Hi folks,

I am using Excel 2007, I have a userform that is opened when the worksheet is opened, the problem that I am having is that when the spreadsheet is opened from a network location its still loads the form but none of the buttons on the form actually work, it works fine when opened locally, it is not 100% of the time this happens. I have plenty of Doevents and have turned off auto calc, the user form only reads from two ranges from the worksheet so its not doing anything to strenuous. Has anyone else come across this problem? Unfortuantley I cant upload the spreadsheet or code for legal reasons.
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m3housingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
resoved the problem, the issue is that the form model was set to true, when I set it to false it works fine.
m3housingAuthor Commented:
also the spreadsheet is only 2,828kb. And im using a 100 mbit network with a workstation with 2 gig or RAM

Please provide all the VBA code you have in the file - particularly the code 'behind' the UserForm.

Also please provide a screenshot from the IDE of the Userform. If you don't have screenshot capture software you could install MWSnap from:


It produces very compact files and is configurable so that the screenshots can be automatically saved to a specific folder without doing anything.

or just use CTRL+PrintScrn and Paste into a Word document.

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