iphone podcast distorted/garbled on iphone but not in itunes

On NPR podcasts when i play them on my iphone they playback distorted/garbled, but when i play them on my mac/itunes they play just fine. is there a setting i am missing? other podcasts playback just fine. any help would be appreciated, long car rides aren't the same without car talk or wait wait don't tell me! I've deleted all the podcasts and redownloaded but that didnt seem to work.

iphone 3gs, 16 gb, ver 3.1.2
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justyn8490Author Commented:
im an idiot......for some reason.....and only on the npr podcasts, it was going at 1/2 speed.

dumb dumb dumb!
That's bizarre.  Have you tried turning "sound check" off on the iPhone?   It's in Settings/Ipod.
Ahhh! The author beat me to it! I experienced this just the other day. Congrats!  Give yourself 200 pts (and split the rest? <g>)
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