what is the equivalent of vmware bridged NIC in hyper-v

I set a bunch of 2008 server to use a virtual external network
I can ping between dc1 and dc2 and to member 2k3-01 but not to member 2k8-03 ,
AD says they are there and dns sees it all
I can't go to the internet zone and the external world
I think it's all tied to 2008 server rules and zones on the firewall

Is there any specific gotchas in 2008 server I'm not aware of
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Syed Mutahir AliConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:

You would need two adapters (recommended)

One for the Hyper-V Host and the other One for your Hyper-V Virtual Machines

You can always use just one network card too but its not recommended in production ;

When you assign a network card to "Hyper-V Virtual Network" as External, it basically is a switch and is called "Hyper-v Virtual Network Switch Protocol"

With the type external your virtual machines appear as physical servers on the local LAN and communicate directly to your default gateway ;

Internal will only allow communication to the hyper-v host, and private just within the virtual environment

Now, if you have setup your virtual network type as external and attached / binded it onto a network card on your server, make sure that nic is connected to your physical LAN ;

On Your Virtual Machines :

Check whats the IP Addres they are getting ?
Can they ping any other machines on the LAN ?

If you have enabled windows firewall, I would suggest disable the firewall on the vms and the hyper-v host

are you using Hyper-v Server or windows  2008 Hyper-V ROle ?

Install integration services on all your vms ?

SilentOnesAuthor Commented:
i'm using one quad port hp NIC
reserved the first for lan x.x.26
killed 2nd and 3rd port
assigned the last port for the external virtual network x.x.29
I can ping 26 and 29
assigned the dcs 61 & 62 and the other member servers 65 and 69
does it sound correct
but if it is it doesn't work
can you think of any reason why not
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
What I have understood from your hyper-v network topology :
Quad Port Nic Port - 1 : Used for Physical Hyper-v Host server ( .26 )

Quad Port Nic Port - 4 : Used for Hyper-V Virtual Network - Type External (.29)

.26 and .29 are on the same subnet with the same subnet mask ? I assume YES

You are virtualizing your Dcs and have assigned them .61 and .62 IP address with the same subnet mask as .26 and .29 ??? and so is .65 and 69 ?
So basically .29, .61, .62, .65, .69 are Virtual Servers using the Hyper-V Virtual Network bound to Quad port nic port number 4 ?

Did you assigned .29 IP Address before making the 4th port as hyper-v network ? as once Hyper-v binds its virtual network switch protocol to the adapter it unchecks all tcp/ip and creates another adapter which has the ip address , in your case .29
the above sound correct to me if it is what I have understood
can you try and confirm the following :
"""""Disbale Windows Firewall on the HOST and on ALL Virtual Machines""""

Create a new Virtual Machine or use any of your member server as a test and do the following :

Shutdown / Power down that VM
Remove the Network card from that VM Config
Add the Legacy Network adapter
Save the settings and switch on the VM ; see if it gets internet and LAN Access

Secondly, can you or have updated your QuadPort Nic drivers to the latest available from HP ?

Can you re-confirm my understanding, in-case if i have misunderstood your topology ?
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Syed Mutahir AliConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
SilentOnesAuthor Commented:

Thanks for you comments

Yes you did understand my topology, the case you provided with the G6 server is typivcally what I have
I will try to do what you asked me to, but will take some time to get back with the results
Am actually working on year end maintenance compounded with a new exchange 2010 server on top of my 2003 exchange server
you an imagine the mess
But to make the story short, looks like it's a drivers problem
I'll let you know as soon as I find the time to do it

The major point is I'm happy I didn't understand the concept wrong
It's my first 2008 test and my first set of vms on hyper-v
SilentOnesAuthor Commented:
My question was answered. Didn't solve the problem, but answered my question

The follow up in a few days will clarify if the legacy drivers helped
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