Need an online class for C#

I'm a VB6 programmer.  I've been asked to help re-write one of our applications in C#.  Does anyone have a suggestion for an online training class?  I need something more than just an intro.  I need something designed for someone coming from a different programming language.  Preferably something that won't take more then a day or two.  Or even something local, a classroom setting (I live near Tampa, FL).

And if you can't suggest a specific course, can you suggest a phrase I can Google?  I haven't been very successful with Google for this.

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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see that there is a New Horizon training center in Tampa, Florida.

New Horizons has a complete set of Microsoft .NET training courses, both in-class and online.
CarlaGibsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Learned One.  My employer is bringing in a private instructor.
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