SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Removal Tool?

I have about 30 computers that an image was pushed out too. One of the programs in the image was SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. It would seem that the instance became corrupted during the image process and now doesn't work.

I've tried un-installing it off of 4 computers so far, but the uninstall process is failing each and every time. I'm imagining this is due to the install being corrupt.

Is there a removal tool that will go in and clean up? Something that will remove all registry instances of it along with all files?

Thanks in advance.
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Ady FootConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
How about this as a starter for 10:


fgarufijrAuthor Commented:

That looks great... I'll try it in a few hours and report back :)
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