Can I configure a T1 through a Cisco ASA 5505

I have a Cisco ASA 5505. A new carrier is bringing in 3 T1's. I assumed that they would handle the bonding up until my ASA, but now they are leaving it to me to figure out.

I've set up T1's before on a cisco 2600 series router, but not on an ASA. Can this be done?
The T1's are coming in with B8zs/esf usinf PPP. I am having a hard time finding much about this online.

More importantly, am I able to bond the 3 using Multi-link in the ASA and can the 5505 handle it?
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Nope, the ASA only has Ethernet interfaces so you can't connect the T1's directly to the ASA.  You'll need a router in front of the ASA to handle the T1's.
jabberwok_eAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that's what I thought.
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