Outlook 2007 / Windows 7 Pro Cannot Connect to Exchange with 2 Active Local Area Connections

I am running Windows 7 Pro with Outlook 2007 SP2.  I have two local area connections - one is the corporate network, the other is an external DSL network.  When I launch Outlook it fails to connect to the Exchange server.  If I disable the adapter that is connected to the DSL network Outlook can then establish a connection.  I ensured that the priority was given to the coporate local area connection via the Advanced Settings menu under the Network Connections window and for some reason Outlook still won't connect to my Exchange.  Any ideas?
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NOC210EAuthor Commented:
I removed the checkmark for "Automatic Metric" on both network adapters under the Advanced prperties of the IP v4 config and set the corporate networks metric to 10 and the DSL network to 20.  After rebooting my computer Outlook could now connect to Exchange to retrieve my mail.  This change also did not impact my ability to use the 2 network adapters for running VMWare Workstations.
NOC210EAuthor Commented:
I also tried flip flopping the network cables so that they were connected to the other adapters and rebooting to see if for some reason it liked one adapter over the other.  Still no good.
Assuming that your entire network is on one subnet, are you able to connect to anything else on the network when you have the DSL connection enabled?  If not, your routing table might not be configured correctly.
Check that your Corporate LAN connection is at the top of your bindings:

NOC210EAuthor Commented:
ETM INC - Our network has many subnets and I can ping resources across all of the ones I tested.

joefreedom - The adapter for the corporate LAN is at the top of the bindings.  I was reading the rest of the article you linked me to and it got me wondering if I needed to modify the interface metric on the network adapter (currently set to "Automatic metric").  I haven't played with that option ever so if this seems like a viable solution, please let me know if you can recommend a proper setting.

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