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Win2k SP4 all sorts of problems.  Print spooler will not start.  When in the services window if I right click on any service and go to properties no property window opens, but when I try to close the services window it tells me that I need to close all property windows first.  I uninstalled SP4 and reinstalled but that caused it to winlogon.exe error out and then BSOD with the 21a error.  I reinstalled the OS and the computer is running again but with the same problems listed above.  According to EU the computer was working fine and then all of a sudden he could not print.  Obviously that was because the spooler was not running.  I checked the event viewer before I did any thing and the only listings were from when I turned it on after I got the computer, no past history of startups and shutdowns.
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You can do a clean reinstall without formatting the drive in order to preserve the data.

Boot from a live cd (e.g., delete (or move/rename if you have enough space) program files, windows, recycle, system volume information and all files on the root. Always rename documents and settings and it is good to keep windows (renamed or moved) to reuse the drivers if you dont have them on CD.

Later when reinstalling from CD choose to leave filesysten intact.
mrsam3Author Commented:
Forgot to mention that when I try to use the Add/Remove icon it opens a window but never populates with any programs.  Across the top of the window it has in text 'Change or Remove Programs Add New Programs Add/Remove Windows Components.  I think these are the titles of the icons that are usually to the left in this window.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
This sort of behavior sounds to me like a virus or Trojan could be the cause. Is this a possible scenario? Is there any antivirus/spyware/malware software running on the computer? If so, is it up-to-date and can you do a full scan on the machine? One potential solution would be to completely wipe and server and start over from scratch, but the client might not want you to do that until/unless you prove to him that it's a virus.
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Did you do a full format before reinstalling?  I just want to make sure there wasn't anything left over.  I understand it may be a pain to format and repartition, but it will clean up any of those nagging corrupted files that can sometimes exist.

RE: SP4, did you install the OS again with this as part of the base install, or was the machine upgraded from previous service packs?  I have seen the upgrade from 3 -> 4 cause problems before and this may contribute to the problems listed above.  If you can (and have to reinstall), finding a copy of Win 2k w/ SP4a would make a fresh, clean install more likely to remain stable without strange unaccounted for issues.
It could be some type of malware but the 1st thing I would try is delete any files in the Printers folder:
Then resatart the computer.
mrsam3Author Commented:
The drive has not been formatted.  It has files that cannot be lost.  The printer drivers and associated files were the first to go and did not make any difference.  I tried loading Malwarebytes on the computer but it kept giving me a vba error and would not run.  I'm thinking the OS is going to have to be reinstalled from scratch.  When I reinstalled the OS it was over the top of the old one, and I upgraded to SP4 from the win2ksp4_en.exe file.
The only way to remove any files in that folder after the spooler crashes is to manually delete them. Removing printers will not do it and I don't think any short of formatting the drive will either.
If it was me, I would make a clone of the disk to mess with.
Then run one of the BootCD AVs against that.

List of boot cds:

I have had pretty good luck with the kaspersky live cd
mrsam3Author Commented:
Had already considered doing this before posting the question and was looking for other solutions to the problem.
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