WSe 3.0 VS 2008

Trying to build a console application using in Visual Studio 2008 that connects to a webservice that requires the use of WSE 3.0.

I can add the references to the webservice in the UI but there is a missing component that I need here...

the .setPolicy method is not present on my web reference objects.
I have seen a few ways to get around this but this code does not work at the moment..

assertion = New UsernameOverTransportAssertion
TokenProvider = New UsernameTokenProvider(_qcIdentity, _qcPassword)
assertion.UsernameTokenProvider = TokenProvider
policy = New Policy

When I was working this in VS 2005 it would work fine but not now.

It has been proposed that I build a proxy class in VS2005 and add a reference to that dll - I have tried that but when I do that the methods are still missing. Can someone help me understand how I can make use of this web service without a ton mile of new technologies to learn?

I really just need the app to complile in Visual Studio 2008 and I have no problem building the proxy class in 05 if there is a valid solution to how to make this work.

Thank you in advance for your help - it is greatly appreciated.
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NTGuru705Author Commented:
I suppose the policy could be set in an override in the new routine (of the proxy classes) though I am a bit unsure how that would work and still expose the methods without overriding every web method in the proxy class.

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