Logon failure every day from SID s-1-0-0 which refers to a nobody account What is causing it?

I get this event on both DC's in my network every day at about 4 hr intervals.
I can't seem to find the cause. obviously there isnt an account named Nobody on the workstation that is making the failed network logon attempt. Port 3732 isnt a well known port. Can anyone help?
Thank You in advance.

Event Log:  Security Event Source:  Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing Event ID:  4625 Research  
Severity: Failure Audit
Details: An account failed to log on.

       Security ID:              S-1-0-0
       Account Name:              -
       Account Domain:              -
       Logon ID:              0x0

Logon Type:                     3

Account For Which Logon Failed:
       Security ID:              S-1-0-0
       Account Name:              
       Account Domain:              

Failure Information:
       Failure Reason:              An Error occured during Logon.
       Status:                     0xc000006d
       Sub Status:              0xc0000133

Process Information:
       Caller Process ID:       0x0
       Caller Process Name:       -

Network Information:
       Workstation Name:       -
       Source Network Address:
       Source Port:              3732

Detailed Authentication Information:
       Logon Process:              Kerberos
       Authentication Package:       Kerberos
       Transited Services:       -
       Package Name (NTLM only):       -
       Key Length:              0
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conlinConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The logon failure comes from different machines at different times of the day.  Time service is fine. and some of the machines have been removed and rejoined to the domain some haven't, Still the same issue. Added logon as a service to the quickbooksDB user, and logon failures stopped for that machine.
Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
According to the following Microsoft knowledgebase article, the SID S-1-0-0 means 'Nobody' which is interesting....

This could be a problem with the computer account on the domain.  Try removing the machine from the domain and then re-adding it; this could help.  Also make sure that the time service on the workstation is set to receive its time updates from your domain controller.  This can cause kerberos authentication issues.


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