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Windows cannot connect to the printer

I'm attempting to connect to an office printer using my Windows 7 laptop.  The printer shows up fine in the list of network printers and the drivers.  The drivers appear to install correctly.  (Note that I'm the first Windows 7 user to add this printer, and I have not associated Windows 7 drivers with this printer.)  At the end of the process, however, the following error message appears.  
3 Solutions
Hi jDana

Can you please check if you can ping which is printers Ip address.

If you don't have any idea about ping follow the steps below :

  1.Click run the click SEARCH
  2.Type CMD and click OK
  3.Now you will see black box with command prompt in front of you.
  4.Type PING
      After this command you should see 4 lines of REPLY FROM messages.
  5.Type EXIT to quit from command prompt.

Please confirm if you  have REPLY FROM message. If not please send us the screenshoot of the error messages.



You have a good start but you need to do this differently.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Add a Printer

Choose to Add a LOCAL printer instead of a Network printer.  Choose Add a new Port and choose Standard TCP/IP port from the drop down menu.  Enter the ip address ( in the Hostname or IP address drop down. ** Do not check the Query the printer option... click next.  Follow the prompts to point to where you downloaded the drivers and finish the installation.

This is the way to install a network printer by ip address.  I know it seems odd to choose a local printer instead of a network printer but just do it and you will see the success.  Report back.

to add, my instruction is if this is a printer on the network instead of a shared printer.
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Try going to start > run (now the search box in Windows 7) > type in \\ and hit enter. See if the printer is listed as an available printer. If so, double click on it and it should install. Keep in mind that it may print but you may have some issues printing certain things as the print driver may need to be updated for your Windows 7 box. If this is the case you may want to follow rbudj comments above once you have downloaded the proper windows 7 driver.
what does it say in the details, in the cannot connect window?
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
>>  I have not associated Windows 7 drivers with this printer

Additional print drivers nead to be installed on the print server.
Use Print Management MMC on Windows 7 and connect to the print server and install the additional print drivers for Windows 7 on the print server.
Windows 7 probably knocked down Netbios by implimenting IPv6. IPv6 is a tunneling protocol and is only compatible with IPv6 routers. Also your domian controller DNS will have to be configured to allow IPv6 DNS resolution. Even though file and print sharing uses Netbios to communicate with.

Go to your Windows 7 command prompt and type:

IPconfig /all.

Let's see if you have a IPv6 address only without the ability to utilize IPv4 addressing.

If you have ONLY IPv6 enabled, you will not be able to communicate with your printers. Also, it is likely you will have problems communicating with the domain due to the amounts of configuratios settings that go into enabling IPv6 on the domain.

If you have only IPv6, it will show a Base 16 IP address (which is an alpha-numeric IP address). You will also see a line called a toredo tunnel. That IP version is NOT compatible with an IPv4 configured network.

If there is NO IPv4 configured on this computer, then you will probably have a list of problems above and beyond file and print sharing.  
If IPv4 is appearent. the second stage to this is to see if you have a software firewall, (Like Windows Firewall), blocking Netbios traffic, or if netbios is misconfigured on the NIC of this machine.
   Hi there jdana,,,

What is the windows7 edition you have over there ???? could you please give some more details about it ....
try to ping the printer ????
Did you contact HP support and ask them for the correct derivers for windows7???
do the following :
- Control Panel
- Network and Internet
-  Network and sharing center
Check the configuration over here .

I also forget to ask you to check you IP address " are you having a real IP address " or  something like this

Best Wishes


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