I need to make a MSN bot

I need to make a MSN bot that is capable of sending messages.. changing its display picture.. and accepting contacts.

I had one made that used DotMSN.. but it recently stopped working, and every DotMSN example I've downloaded also no longer works

It connects to the server, but seems to stop there...

I think this info that is supposed to not be edited has changed on MSN server side

            messenger.Credentials.ClientID = "msmsgs@msnmsgr.com"; //do not edit
            messenger.Credentials.ClientCode = "Q1P7W2E4J9R8U3S5"; //do not edit

Does anyone know of any good MSN SDKs?  or a solution to my DotMSN problem?

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PlatoConsultantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dotMSN component is not updating after 2006. hence you try using any other latest library

   Microsoft is providing the MSN activity SDK take a look at it it can provide you with some features.
bail3yzAuthor Commented:
Hi, I found MSNSharp which is an upgraded version of DotMSN that is working on the later protocols.
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