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Cisco VPN client behind Sonicwall connects to remote network, but none of the remote network resources are available.

I was having almost the exact problem description found at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Networking_Hardware/Firewalls/Q_22422525.html?sfQueryTermInfo=1+cisco+client+sonicwal+vpn.

Unchecking the transparent tunneling box on the Cisco VPN client solves the connection part of the problem and ipconfig shows an address on the remote network for the Cisco VPN adapter once connected.  However, that is as far as I can get.  None of the remote network resources are available once connected.  I am not a network expert by any stretch, but here is what I have been able to determine so far:

1)  I can log into this PC remotely via LogMeIn.
2)  When running an ipconfig on the remote PC, the default gateway on the NIC is the address of a SonicWall device on the network that the PC is a part of.
3)  The internet access for the remote PC is provided by Comcast.
4)  The VPN client does establish a connection to the remote network and provides a valid IP address for the remote network on the VPN adapter.
5)  Where I think the problem may lie is that the IP addresses of the NIC and the VPN adapter when connected are 10.x.x.x.  The NIC is on a 10.10 subnet and the VPN adapter connects to a 10.2 subnet.

Am I at least on the right track in trying to solve this problem?

1 Solution
normally, a vpn client pool should be on different subnet, so routing from the remote client to the internal lan behind the vpn device can occur. check your routing in the sonicwall to see if this subnet of the remote client has a static route to the internal lan. You can also try placing a static route on the client using the route add -p     command also.
stlcardsfanAuthor Commented:
The issue wound up being resolved by using a different version of the Cisco VPN client.

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