Cisco and local wireless printing

I have a corporate client who just changed to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client version 2.3.0254.  The client locks out the local network when connected which eliminated access to the wireless and networked printers.  I need a solution to this.  I told them them would have to modify the script but they didn't want an enterprise wide security hole.  I tried to modify the script at the local site but logging on replaces the local script.  Is there a way to block the script so the local user can  override the script that is downloaded upon logi

I also tried Bluetooth printers but the connection is too unstable and keeps getting disconnected.  

Any suggestions?
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GuruChiuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in that case, there is no easy solution. You need to work w/ the client's security team. Possible solutions includes:

Setup a router at your site that conduct VPN to your client, while your client have total control of its security policy, or

relax on their security policy that allow local network access.

Sorry can't help much beyond that.
For security reason, the VPN host can dictate the VPN policy, not matter how you configure it locally. If the policy is not to allow local network access, not much you can do other than negotiate with the enterprise VPN admin.

The way I do it is to have a VM running in my laptop. I use the VM to establish VPN connection. My main OS still have full local network access, including local network printers etc.
gtdideaAuthor Commented:
Can you control the access to the local network different for each user who logs in or rather a group of users you designate.  in other words can you give some local access and not others?
Are you talking about a single PC/laptop that you use, or you are talking about multiple machines?
gtdideaAuthor Commented:
About three different machines.
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