outlook 2003 problem

dear sir ,
                    i have a laptop acer travelmate 6292, having windows vista home premium, when i open MS Outlook in this laptop i am not able to put cursor on compose area as iafter clicking many times cursor blinks in new composed mail .
kindly advice
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Maniac_47Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you please have the disk you installed Outlook with handy and go to the control panel -> Programs and Features -> find Office or Outlook (which ever you installed) and choose "repair" and let me know if that fixes the issue.

If that does not, please locate your normal.dot file as it may be having issues.  you can run a search for it but I believe its located at:


just copy that line and place it into the address bar of "My Computer" and locate the Normal.dot file.  Make sure all office related programs are closed and then - Rename it to something else (normalbak.dot) and open outlook again.  it will automatically recreate the file from a default document that should be fresh/non-corrupted.
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