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A person using a Mac Leopard has logged on with the "Superuser" account, i.e., the "ROOT" account. On this account the person is browsing the web with Firefox. After browsing the web he deletes the search history and closes the browser and logs off.  My query is, can another person using an Administrator account, (not the "Root" account) use some kind of undelete software to recover the browsing history of the person using the ROOT account???
Note: The administrator of the computer does not have access to the ROOT account.
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Even if the history has been deleted, you might find information about what was browsed in the Mozilla caches or cookies.  If you have a particular site in mind, try doing a spotlight search.  Also, you might be able to undelete the history file using DataRescue III  http://www.prosofteng.com/

Do an advanced Spotlight search for "folders" named "Mozilla" and tell the search to "included System Files" to find file locations.
It is hardly possible to recover the deleted browser history
N_JoshiAuthor Commented:
I would like a definite answer. Is it possible to recover any history at all?
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