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Dear all,

I have this issue which is on one laptop, when the network cable is connected, the user can not login to the domain using his user id but with wireless is ok, so he has to disconnect the cable and use wireless to be able to connect to the domain. Moreover, after the user login, he can connect the cable and work smoothly.

Second issue which is on another laptop, the user can not use cable for internet, only wireless.

- We have DHCP and working great
- I configured wireless relay to DHCP Server, so DHCP is off on wireless
- All are on one subnet, we have only one subnet

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Your second case:  Is the local area connection disabled?  Is TCP/IP configured properly?
Is there a hardware problem?

Does a ping to the IP address of the local wired connection come back properly or is it lost?  With the cable plugged in or not?  
Is the IP address unique?

What do you get if you open a CMD prompt and type "IPCONFIG /ALL" ?
Have a great day.
- Joe
Try following command

gpupdate /force


re-create user profile
Your first case is because User's domain & local profile passwords are different. when user connect cable and try to log on it provide old password which is not correct but when he disconnects the cable windows use password that is locally stored for authentication. You can ask user to change password once he is connected to network
Arabsoft-ACSAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Thank you all

Actually i disjoined the user from domain and i joined again to the domain and it worked well.

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