Cleaning up AVI files

I have discovered a problem with many of my avi files when I try to use them on a hardware player. The files play fine under windows but stutter so badly they are unwatchable.

I am partway to a solution. I have discovered that the ripping tool I have been using - Magic DVD ripper 5 - adds a lot of crap into the file which windows can cope with but the hardware player cant. I need to "remux" the files and "remove junk" and there's one remaining outstanding problem. After doing this the soundtrack is out of sync with the video by a second or two when played on the hardware player (still plays fine on windows). So the problems I want to solve in order of priority are

1. How do I get the audio and video re-synced
2. Can anyone point me to a tool that will remux and remove junk and incorporates whatever the answer is to point 1 AND (this is the important bit) will do it in batch - I have over a thousand files to apply this to.

Any tips on a better ripping tool (pref open source) would also be appreciated
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Sorry this is out of my experience range
Maybe related to the source of  the video
Since the problem is only with the Media Tank maybe just a setting in the playback or streaming
a quick setup guide
 take a look at this
Audio out of sync with some avi´s.
ref from above
How-to: Get those none working avi files playing
here's a list of how to
Whats the hardware player?
usually avi have divx  or Xvid codecs.
maybe you just need a codec divx to play them right or make sure the divx codec is inlcuded in the extract
I have no idea what junk/crap your refering to which this tools is supposed to be adding,
since the problem is only playback on this hardware player!!  don't remux them obviously it causes a problem.
I'd suggest you check what codecs are needed, to find out use Gspot drop one of the avi on
Establishes what video and audio codecs are required to play any video.
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
The player is a popcorn hour A110.

This is the response I got on their support site.

When I followed this advise, the file would play on the popcorn, but suffered the syncing problem
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try using Virtual dub with Virtual dub mod / sync

Looking at your snap is this one of the originals?
You dont have any codecs installed for Xvid or divx
Riff avi is a chunk that has been split I'd say it's the Magic DVD ripper 5 dont use it.
Look for Easy Divx it converts a mpeg2 ie vobs to avi
This is similar to your problem
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long to come back - silly season and all

Attached is a screenshot of another file. The reason codecs are not present is that I have just finished rebuilding - these have been installed now.

Ok on the dvd ripper. Looking at your links, this is the replacement ripper I need. Cool

it doesn't solve all my problems. I need to clean up several hundred files that have been created using this dodgy ripper. I no longer have the disks (part of the point of digitising was to get rid of the disks).

Your last link is not "like" my problem. It is my post. The solution offered is partially successful. remuxing and removing the junk does allow the file to play on the popcorn, but the sound is out of sync with the video - this is where I started this question.

I need to
1. Solve the audio/video sync problem
2. find a way to automate the remux/cleanup and whatever turns out to be the solution to 1

Lol yeah i realized that after the fact>Your last link is not "like" my problem. It is my post.<< silly season :)
well not sure what to offer you
 I think you know it's not realistic to automate this stuff if it's even possible.
The format you have there Xvid ISO mpeg4
and 1 gig in size? Pity they are so big
I converted all my video to Xvid 700 megs  or less copied them all to my external  USB2 hard drive and play them from there on my TV
Nothing wrong there Gspot.., maybe the media player you use, try using VLC
install ffdshow and see if that will render the files in the media player you use now
Download FFDShow MPEG-4
Super video converter is my second tool I use the most good for re-encoding video you cue them up and encode them to a smaller size if you want  but not too many

All my avi are like this snapshot Gspot

jorbagwAuthor Commented:
I use VLC on the PC and it will play these fine.
I don't have the option of changing the player on the media player.

I'll have a play with the tools you've suggested and see if I can get what I need.
Ok good, ffdshow should fix the out of sync if you use windows media player
since they play ok in VLC, the difference between Windows media player and  VLC is  vlc open source.
WMP may try to look up cddb or look DRM etc causing a lag.
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Fingers crossed,  but I dont get the sync problem on windows, only on the media tank. Have no idea what player it uses

Let me give it a try and come back to you
Oh I just recapped on this
 lets go to the guys who know this software
How to Remux an avi
How to Remux and Remove JUNK from an avi with Avi-MuxGUI
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Moderator, it's the silly season. Things will take a little longer. Pls dont close
Hows the holidays :)
Just keeping your question open jorbagw
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Thanx mate. Having fun. I will get around to testing the proposed solution on some more recent files today. (the original one which had the sound sync problem was originally released in the 70s). If this sound/video sync problem is gone then Q2 is still relevant and unanswered. I already have the Avi-MUXgui tool but it only does one file at a time. I have hundreds of files to reformat. I need an automated solution.
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
OK, I have tried this on a more recent movie(avi) and I still have the sound lag. i.e. the video runs about two seconds behind the audio. Windows seems to be able to deal with this, but the popcorn hour cant. How do I fix this?
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Tried all of these with no success. Given that the videos play fine on windows I think the most cost effective solution is to get new ripper software that doesnt cause the problem and replace the popcorn hour with a windows based media station.

Thanx for all of your help
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
The problem was not resolved. Rather than fixing the avi files, I am throwing out the media player.
jorbagwAuthor Commented:
Have found a solution. The product Wondershare dvd converter ultimate will rip DVDs and convert existing avi's to a clean format. Only real complaint is that it ups the size of the file by about 50%. On the positive, no technical knowledge needed. select a format, press a button and you're done
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