Freeware Registry Editor for WIndows Mobile 6.1?

Hi All,
Replaced my WM6.1 device for a new one. Clone failed and bricked old device.
Used to have PHM Registy Editor but can no longer find cab file on my system or any working download links. Need access to registry to disable the threaded SMS function.
Can anyone help?
Would prefer CAB file install for use on the device rather than a PC-based editor that makes changes via ActiveSync and preference for freeware pls.
Stuart OramIT Technician - Project SitesAsked:
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I use this one: 
Stuart OramIT Technician - Project SitesAuthor Commented:

PHM was the application I used previously.
Will the cab file on the link above work for WM6.1? Can't remember which version I downloaded previously....
Yes it will work perfectly :)
Stuart OramIT Technician - Project SitesAuthor Commented:
Splitting points as I had requested one that was useable on the device and the first one although it worked wonderfully was PC-via-ActiveSync-only......Thanks for helping me find a working link for PHM :)
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