What are the differences between Site Administrator and Site Owner in Sharepoint?

Hi, I want to know the exact differences between Site Administrator and Sie Owner in Sharepoint, do anybody can reply this, thanks
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Ted BouskillConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
You mean a 'Site Collection Administrator'.  In Sharepoint the 'Farm Administrator' can create 'Web Applications'.  Each web application is essentially an entire web site.  Within each web application there is one default 'Site Collection' and a 'Site Collection Administrator' is assigned to manage it.  Additional 'Site Collections' can be added with more 'Site Collection Administrators'  Each 'Site Collection' is isolated from each other and might not share permissions.

Therefore one web application can have multiple 'Site Collections' and multiple 'Site Collection Administrators'

A 'Site Collection Administrator' can create additional websites and assign 'Site Owners'.  However, ONLY a 'Farm or Site Collection Administrator' can manage that process.  'Site Owners' can only manage the specific site they were assigned or any sub-sites within their site.

So each 'Site Collection' can have multiple 'Sites' with multiple 'Site Owners'.


SharePoint Administrator  responsible for the physical servers, software installation, backup, etc.

SharePoint Owner  a user with full control rights to a single site, its lists, libraries and content, and any sub sites and workspaces created below it.  I.e. responsible for a branch of a site collection.

For more information, see http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2008/03/sharepoint-site-administrator-vs-site.html

-- mnh
what is the difference between a site owner and a site administrator?
Site Owner is a user that has full access rights on a particular site that is a subsite of another site. An administrator is a persons who is administrator on the server
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