terminal server 2003 unwanted processes starts up in each profile

We are using a terminal server enviroment with 20-40 users
I have seen that when each user logon to the system it starts up several processes that is not needed. here are some examples:
and several more.

I want to stop this from running under each user profile but at the same time some of them must run for administrator. (like antivirus update monitor FSM32.exe)

None of this are started from the "startup" folder as there is nothing in them
They all seems to be loading from "register"

I have installed "Startup Cop" and there I can delete the reg key "run" for the current users and from all users. I can not delete what ever is loaded for each user.

question is:
1. Should I just use Startup Cop and delete the reg keys for under "run" for all users and make startup shortcut in "startup folders" for administrator for the fiew processes he needs

2. or is it better to create a logfile that delete keys from register or import one that is correct to replace the "run" keys with one that i make. Not sure if there are limitaions for each user to write to register but could this be a way. Any idea how a script file like this would look like?

3. Is there a way to delete "run" for all user profiles register so all depends on the ALL Users key. Its a school enviroment so they should look identical. Any idea how a script like this could look like

or is there a better way to deal with this.
I have found out that this will liberate abour 2,5GB on a system running with 4GB of memory so it would be a great impact to resolve this

Hope to hear from someone
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Enable the following policy settings in GPO or local policy to disable the processing of run key in registry.

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Do not process the legacy run list
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Do not process the legacy run list
First create a system restore point.

Now, go to start>>run>>and type msconfig

You to services, or was it startup tab>> You can prevent services and startup applications from running upon boot by deselecting those services or startup programs.

Using MSconfig the wrong way, or stopping the wrong application can seriously hose your system and prevent it from running. Be CAREFUL>
morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for your answer.
It would not work in a Terminal Server enviroment as the startup is only for current user. It would not affect all the enteries in the register.
I need somehting that stops all the applications loaded from register from all users

morten444Author Commented:
Just what I was looking for :)

Regards Morten
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