How Do I Get Mac To Cache Profiles When Not On Network

I have joined my MacBook Pro to my Windows 2008 domain and have been able to map network drive and access resources, while connected to the network.  The problem is when I am no longer connected to the network I can't login in with a cached profile.  I would like to be able to log in to my profile when I on the road and be able to edit the files on my desktop.
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Not a MobileMe account. A mobile account when the mac is joined to a domain is like a cached profile.  do you remember being asked when you first logged onto the MacBook with your domain login?  you might have to backup up your files, delete the account and log on again and choose yes this time for the mobile account.
The first time you log on to the domain you were asked if you wanted to create a mobile account, did you answer yes to this?

Once you have a mobile account on your MacBook you can then log onto that account when disconnected.
Oh yes, you can also synchronise your network home folder with that on your laptop.
knesbittAuthor Commented:
Thsanks.  So do I need to set up "MobileMe" account?  What happens if I have no Internet connectivity?
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
If you are using the Directory utility, you need to enable to feature "Create Mobile Account at login"  It is located on the properties of the Directory utility app.  See the attached image.

Also, if you wish, without delete the physical account and data, you could use the dscl command from the terminal to remove the user from the local netinfo database.  This will preserve the user data and allow you to recreate the account for the next logon.

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