Re assemble HP laptop

Can somebody please help I have a HP NX6325  which developed a fault so I had to change the motherboard now that I have the motherboard I have put it back together all for one wire which is really confusing me I have studied the board and can not work out where it goes...the laptop motherboard can be sent as a picture if it helps the wire has a W wrote on it. I will provide as much info as required for me to find out where this goes, thanks

Find attached a picture with a red circle / mark round it where one end of the cable plugs in, thanks
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It looks to be the connector for the speakers as shown in the pic I've attached.
This is shown in the disasembly guide found here on page 5-41
rains_karsAuthor Commented:
I have looked all over the laptop but I will check this one it just seems to be so obvious and I cant see it, thanks for ur info - any other suggestions are very welcome
MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
That is your audio connection
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