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Flash php contact form email results

Posted on 2009-12-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-11
Thanks to Experts Exchange moagrius (guru) I have gotten this far with my flash template php contact form .  It works in that I do get an email from sumitting the form. I get a successfully sent message.  But the email contents do not contain the info ithat was entered n the text fields. The content I get in the email looks like this:

reset_txt   [type Function]
rec   [the email address i put in the ActionScript is repeated here]
serv   php
fields_descriptions   ,t1,your_name,Your Name:,t2,your_email,Your Email:,t3,telephone,Telephone:,t4,message,Message:,t5,field_2,E-mail:,t6,field_3,Address:,t7,field_4,fax:
path   _level0.instance1626

The ActionScript on the submit button is herein code snippet:
Thanks any help!


var fields_descriptions= Array ("", 
									Array("t1", "your_name", "Your Name:"), 
									Array("t2", "your_email", "Your Email:"),
									Array("t3", "telephone", "Telephone:"),
									Array("t4", "message", "Message:"),
									Array("t5", "field_2", "E-mail:"),
									Array("t6", "field_3", "Address:"),
									Array("t7", "field_4", "fax:")

function reset_txt(name,name2,value) {

for (i=1; i<=fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
	reset_txt("t"+i, fields_descriptions[i][1], fields_descriptions[i][2]);

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Question by:vigilence
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Expert Comment

ID: 26090285
the AS in the FLA is crazy - I'd rewrite the contact form part.  Post the PHP mailer and I'll try to make something that works.

Author Comment

ID: 26090707
Thanks.....what is the PHP mailer? :)
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Expert Comment

ID: 26090748
there's a PHP script that sends the mail form - it's named "contact.php" - post the contents
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Author Comment

ID: 26092305
Yikes..yes...code snippet attached.  Thanks.:)

Error_Reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);
$subject="from ".$_REQUEST['Your_Name:'] ;
$headers= "From: ".$_REQUEST['Your_Email:'] ."\n";
 $headers.='Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1';
  while ($field = current($_REQUEST)) {
  	if ((key($_REQUEST)!="Your_Name:") && (key($_REQUEST)!="Your_Email:") && (key($_REQUEST)!="Message:") && (key($_REQUEST)!="i")) {
mail($_REQUEST['recipient'], $subject,  "
 <title>Contact letter</title>
</html>" , $headers);
echo ("Your message was successfully sent!");

	resizeTo(300, 300);


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Expert Comment

ID: 26099847
this is going to take a little bit and i'm out all day tomorrow - i'll try to get to it tonight, but it might be wednesday...  :/

Author Comment

ID: 26105027
take your time moaqrius....i can't thank you enough!
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Assisted Solution

moagrius earned 2000 total points
ID: 26108558
OK - had to make some pretty major changes, and since you have MX (right?) and I can publish for MX, I'll have to give instructions.

The PHP form is looking for a few key variables, named:

"Your_Name:" - which I assume is the sender's name, not yours
"Your_Email:" - again I assumed it was the sender's name
"recipient" - who the mail's going to - which I thing is supposed to be the one listed at cox.net

So - if that's correct - do this:

First - click the submit button and remove all the code attached to it - the on(rollover), on(release), everything - just delete it all

Second - go into the symbol of the submit button - it's called roll_view1 copy 3 - and delete the code from LAYER 1, Frame 1 (it looks like the code you posted) - delete all that

Third - go back to the main timeline, and click that instance of the submit button again - now give it an instance name of "submitButton"

Fourth - on frame 179 of the main timeline, on the layer called SCRIPT, remove the code there (again, it looks like the code you posted)

Fifth - in that same frame (179), paste the snippet below.

That should do it.

If you run into more problems, get a copy of Flash 8 somehow and I'll upload the FLA.
var textFields = [{label:"Name", textField:t1}, {label:"Company", textField:t2}, {label:"Telephone", textField:t3}, {label:"Email", textField:t4}, {label:"Message", textField:t5}];

function resetText() {
	for (var i = 0; i<textFields.length; i++) {
		textFields[i].textField.text = "";

submitButton.onRollOver = function() {
submitButton.onRollOut = function() {
submitButton.onPress = function() {
	var recipient = "blissett@cox.net";
	var messageParts = [];
	for (var i = 0; i<textFields.length; i++) {
		var textObject = textFields[i];
		messageParts[i] = textObject.label+"="+textObject.textField.text;
	var message = messageParts.join("&");

	var query = "contact.php?recipient="+recipient+"&Your_Name:="+t1.text+"&Your_Email:="+t4.text+"&"+message;
	getURL(query, "_blank");

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Accepted Solution

vigilence earned 0 total points
ID: 26114009
Yipee!!!!!  Hoorah!!!!!  THANK YOU moaquris!!!!  Cant thank you enough for staying with me on this.  I'm never going to venture near a Flash template again!!!! Whew!  
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Expert Comment

ID: 26114014
ha!  np - glad it's working for you

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