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using putty, what is the show configuration command of each interface, I am looking for the IP assigned to the internal IP
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to make ASDM to work, make sure you have these:

IP addresses configured and working.
Routing configured.

If you can putty to it, the above should already working.

Setup hostname and domain name
Most ASA I worked with already come with a SSL certificate, but I did encounter some specific firmware version that no default certificate. You can create one using:
crypto key generate rsa

Make sure you have matching ASDM image in flash, and you have configured:
asdm image disk0:/asdm-621.bin
asdm-621.bin is just an example. You should use a matching ASDM image to your ASA firmware.

Make sure you have
http server enable

and enable http access in the interface
http YouIPA inside

whocaresaboutitAuthor Commented:
it's show config
whocaresaboutitAuthor Commented:
for some reason I can't get the ASDM to work, how do I check that administration is enabled?
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