i am expanding from 1.5 to 3 meg wan pipe. what do I need?

i am expanding from 1.5 to 3 meg wan pipe.  verizon says I do not need additional dsu/csu and no other additional equipment is needed.  still they are asking for the demark which makes me believe they plan to come on site for something.  won't I need additional equipment or can a single T1 be cranked up to 3 meg without any additional equipment and/or on site technical visit?
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GuruChiuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you are using T1 from your question.

Do you own the router or Verizon own the router? If they own the router, they will take care of all the things and give you an ethernet interface that have the increased bandwidth.

If you own the router, you need to get additional serial interface, may be DSU/CSU as well. You then need to combine the two T1 together, using whatever Verizon tell you protocol.
ccie22921Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A single T-1 cannot be extended to three meg.  Guru is right in that if Verizon owns the router then they will add the additional controller and port to handle the additional interface.  There is a chance that they or you are using a multiport T-1 card, it would be helpful if you could answer the questions of whether or not you service the router or Verizon services the router.  If you service the router, then post what router you are using now and the interface type that you are running for the WAN circuit.  There are a couple of protocols that will be used dependant upon the service that you have or are going to.  For instance if you are using the WAN circuit as a point to point circuit to another location then you will be using PPP Multilink, if you are using Frame Relay as your WAN protocol then you will most likely be using Multilink Frame Relay (MFR).  Both are fairly quick and easy to setup.  You can also use either of these to connect to an MPLS cloud within Verizon's network in which case you would be using PPP or MFR to the PE router on the MPLS cloud.  
ositConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to find this out from Verizon, are they giving you a pure ethernet hand off which? If they are giving you an ethernet handoff then yes the one circuit can be bumped up past 1.5MB. If they are giving you MLPPP or MLFR then you will need a 2 port WIC for your router.
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