Changing Title in Google Sites

How do you change the title in a "Google Sites" website for each page?

Is there an article about this?
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Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
When you create a page in Google Websites click 'Create Page' then in the field marked 'Name' will allow you to give a title to a page. In order to change the title of a page already created click 'Edit Page' then on the main header that shares the same name as the title of the page. Delete the text you wish to remove then enter in the desired title. Click save. The title should now be the same as the new main header.
hello weikelbob,  here's a manual let me know if it works
Wordpress automatically doing this work, You don't mention your platform too.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
seiko 08:

It sounds like the main header is also the title of the page, is that correct? I assume there's not way to change only the title.

Do you edit the home page the same as the other pages?

Thank you.

Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
You are correct on all accounts.
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