Point-to-Point Secure Bridge for Call Center VOIP/DATA - 100 Yards Line of Site

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I'm assisting a friend who runs a call center in the Philippines and needs a line of site connection to a secondary location at just under 100 yards.  He's looking for a 100 link megabit with the capability to run VOIP reliably as well as run network data over a PCI compliant (secure/encrypted) wireless link.  The connection MUST be as solid as a wired connection (or as close to as possible). This is out of my area of expertise, and I want to get some recommendations for what technology (Wimax/Microwave/etc), equipment and vendors would meet these requirements from those who specialize in this area.

Thanks in advance for the assist,

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packetguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It used to be that radios achieving 100 Mbps and beyond cost thousands of dollars. But now with MIMO TDMA technology, you can get well beyond 100 Mbps very easily. One product from a company that I've used extensively is the Ubiquity Rocket M5, which gets 100 Mbps of real TCP/IP throughput. It's $89 per end, powered by POE:


Oddly, the maker, Ubiquiti, says it gets 150 Mbps throughput, but the radio only has 100BaseT connections. Perhaps they mean 75 Mbps bidirectionally, but I know you can get 100 Mbps in one direction for sure.
I object, since you left the question open and thus basically asking for people to spend time answering it, I think you need to award points. Especially since you never mentioned any time sensitivity in the original question, and it's not at all uncommon for questions to remain open for months, let along the three weeks that this question dwelt (over the holiday season to boot!). If the question was not longer germane to you, it's your responsibility to close it so that others don't spend time researching an answer for you.
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Very true, it's my fault for not closing it out, not yours.  Enjoy...
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