how to configure outlook anywhere in exchange 2007 without certificate ?

how to configure outlook anywhere in exchange 2007 without certificate ?
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set Outlook to not use a certificate I believe there is a checkbox where you configure the server settings.

You can then uncheck the require SSL in the IIS configuratio

However, this would mean sending all your username/password information along with all your emails in clear text.  Why would you want to do this?

When you can buy certificates so cheaply why would you try to avoid it?  As already mentioned you can get certificates fro GoDaddy for a very small cost in comparison to some of the bigger vendors.

Then you have the headache of trying to get it to work properly without the SSL certificate!  How much do you get paid an hour? Compare how much tune you would spend on this to the yearly cost of a certificate and you will get your answer.
Glen KnightCommented:
You mean without any certificate at all or with a self signed certificate?
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
without any certificate
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You can remove all the SSL settings from the IIS virtual directories and (viz: default web site and Rpc ).
Then modify a registry value of AllowAnonymous at the following location in registry to 1:

asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
rpcproxywanonymous not found in registry
and i need more explain remove all the ssl settings from IIs ?
Open IIS manager, then check out if we have SSl settings enabled for Default web site and RPC directory. If so remove them.

And for registry seting kindly check the follwing:
Configure a front-end server for non-SSL traffic
Normally RPC over HTTP uses SSL and port 443.  If you need to allow anonymous access over port 80 then you need this registry hack.  Your goal is edit the registry on the front-end server and add a DWORD called: AllowAnonymous

Launch Regedit, Navigate to this registry key:
Add a new REG_DWORD called: AllowAnonymous
Set the value = 1 (Meaning Enabled)
I don't believe the non-certificate option is supported.
Why don't you want to use a certificate? You realise that all information is going across in the clear?
If the reason is cost - you don't have to pay Verisign $2000 for a suitable certificate. GoDaddy do suitable certificates for US$60/year. 

I would encourage you to reconsider your decision not to use a certificate because the entire Exchange 2007 product is based around it.

Enable windows authentication (integrated) on Rpc virtual directory in IIS and unchek require SSl option and when you manually configure OL for Outlookanywhere in Authentication method select NTML that will let you connect over HTTP.

See this article:

After step 6 directly go to step 10 and just select "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP."
in step 11 you will notice that you do not have option for http, by default it selects https.
in step 11 mention the URL and do not mention MSSTD and under "Proxy Authentication settings" select NTML it will turn that https to http.Click ok and try to do check name.

However it is reccomended that you use SSL for Rpc-Https. Ol 2007 with Exchange 2007 will not be able to use full funcationality, preventng user from using free busy , OAB etc.

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