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Resizing Disk Partitions on SBS2008

We have the following setup on an SBS server:

Raid 1 Mirror, 500gb.  C: and D: partitions.  This is how it came from DELL with SBS2008 installed.  C drive is running out of space.  All the Exchange stuff is on D: as well as all the other SBS specific things that consume storage (ie, user home directories, etc).

Raid 1 Mirror, 2TB on a newly added External array (separate controller).  Formatted as G:

We want to copy everything from D: to G: and then swap the drive letters which is fairly straight forward (so everything still points at D but it will be the newer, larger drive array).  I'm thinking just shutting down all the services and doing a copy, then swapping drive letters and rebooting.


We then want to get rid of the 2nd partition (formerly D) on the 500gb mirror and somehow extend the C: drive to fill the entire partition so the OS is happy.

I've been reading up and some people point to Diskpart, but there seems to be some confusion as to whether that tool is used or even recommended with SBS2008.  

If Diskpart is the right way to do this, can someone walk me through this?  Or if there is a 3rd party utility out there that would work better with SBS2008 please pass on any advice.  I'm worried about hosing the system and have only used Diskpart once in a very different situation YEARS and years ago.

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2 Solutions
Extending the volume is really easy.  Just follow this.

Extend a volume using Diskpart

When you copy the stuff over, use robocopy (/COPYALL) to ensure you get all the security settings.  Additionally, don't forget to document the shares on D: before the move to make sure you have them all on the new drive.

Robocopy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robocopy

See here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325590

Extending a boot partition in 2008. You would need to have contiguous space after the partition so if you have any other data partition after this one, they would need to be moved and the partitions returned to Unallocated Space.

You will only see the extend option if the extend can be performed.

michaelnatale2008Author Commented:
Guys thanks for the replies so far.

Just doing a quick test and Robocopy barfs at me saying:

"You do not have the Manage Auditing User Right".  I am logged in with the superuser account we created during SBS2008 installation.

Where would I go to grant in SBS to grant this right?

Log in as "administrator" and you should be fine.
michaelnatale2008Author Commented:

That worked, thanks.  

I'll give the suggestions about a shot on Tuesday night and return to distribute points - sounds like you all have the info I need.  Thanks again.


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