Deploy C# app. Using installshield

I want to create setup file for a C#.NET application using install shield.
Application use Sql server Database, so it's need to setup Sql Server Express and also used Flash Player to be install at client PC.

How to attach database and how to check if (sql,flash player ) install or not .
Dll files, sources file (images, flash files  ...etc) how to include all of these
Let me know steps that we need to follow for this.
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What version of Installshield are you using?  There is a prerequisite that comes with Installshield for several versions of SQL Express.  It's simply a matter of selecting that one as a prerequisite and it will be installed with your application.  There is likely one for Flash as well, if not they are pretty simple to create yourself.

As for creating a database, I think probably your best bet is to use something like this:

Please let me know if you have other issues...I can go into a few more details.
RewayaAuthor Commented:

None of these articles help me,
Any one can answer me???
RewayaAuthor Commented:
where are you ??????????????
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