How do I save Open Office Spreadsheets?

I have several spreadsheets that were created in MS Excel 2003.   I had them marked as read only.   When I used MS Excel to open these files, I was able to make changes to the cells then print the sheet.   I did not want to save the changes.   Now when I open these files with Open Office, I cannot make changes as the file is read only.   How can I make these changes without allowing the changes to be saved, but just print the changed sheet?   I do not want to use MS Excel any more.
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It is important
Save As instead of saving or overwriting the file.
sir plusSales ManagementCommented:
i would convert to template and use Workbook_BeforeSave event  to prevent it being saved if you really dont want it saved  though it wont matter as they cant edit the template as it will be save only
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DoctorK12008Author Commented:
I do not know what is meant by "use Workbook_BeforeSave event".   Please explain.   Thank you.  
sir plusSales ManagementCommented:
I can only do this in excel but once you save the file as a template with the code then you can use it in open office

I dont think you will need to bother with read only

in Excel
Hit alt F11
First add protection to the project
Right click on the vba project for your workbook in the left pane
Properties | Protection | Lock for viewing
put in a password if you want & write it down
(I havent locked the one I am putting up)

Next add the code
Expand the project by clicking on the "+" just to the left of the project
Expand Microsoft excel objects
Double click "ThisWorkbook" module
In the left dropdown of the right pane
choose "Workbook"
Replace everything in the right pane with the code below

Edit the MyDevelopmentFolder  (path) to point to the folder where you are going to store the workbook when you are going to edit & save it yourself.

Save the file as a template
Due the the upload system on this site not accepting xlt files (2003)
I had to upload my example as an xls but once yuo save it to your hdd then just edit the file name from "Cannot Be Saved.xls" to "Cannot Be Saved.xlt"
ie. rename to change to a template
excel 2007 has different extensions use xltm
sing out if you get stuck

Option Explicit

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
Const MyDevelopmentFolder = "C:\# Expert2Expert Projects"
If ThisWorkbook.Path <> MyDevelopmentFolder Then Cancel = True
End Sub

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sir plusSales ManagementCommented:
Thanks & cheers
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