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Vector Image

We have a bitmap image and we are tying to convert it to vector, we have one piece of software but when it converts it, it gets very blurry, What other software is out their that will convert a vector image for me?
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David BruggeCommented:
Converting bitmapped art to vector is very difficult for software. To be relative successful you need a very high resolution bitmap image with very little or no compression.

The reason for this is simple when you think about it. The human brain, being the complex organ that it is, is not very good at complex math and repetitious tasks the way a computer is, but it is great at detecting complex shapes and objects in a grid of pixels--something that the computer has a rough time doing.

Depending on the subject mater in your image, it may be impossible for even the best software to render a good vector likeness of the image. Illustrator is about as good as any out there right now. They all tend to use the same algorithms to locate lines edges and colors.

An option for you, instead of seeking new software, might be to hire a local artist or go to a web site such as freelancer.com or craigslist.com and ask someone to do it. It would most likely cost less than a new software program, and you may help a struggling artist in a hard economy.

Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
I assume you've tried 'Live Trace' within Illustrator?  Maybe you could post the bitmap image so we can come up with some more ideas?  Or post an example of what your blurry output looks like?  

I agree with D Brugge; you'll almost always have to make manual revisions with any tracing software.
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