Delete Row if not a Social Security number

I have page after page of data starting with Social Security  number in Column A. I need to delete the page breaks which are blank rows or rows that are not Social Security Numbers.
I am using the ASCii code to recognise the Social Security number .
Dim e As Long
Dmim f As Long

e= Range (A65536,9).End(xlUp).Row
For f = e To 3 Step -1
If Not Range("I" & f) = " & Asc("0") To "Asc("9") Then
Range("A & f & ":" "I" & f).Delete.Shift.xl(Up)

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Tommy KinardCommented:
Backup all data before using please.

Sub KillNoSocial()
    Dim e As Long
    Dim f As Long
    Dim ShrtData As String
    e = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
    For f = e To 3 Step -1
        If InStr(1, Cells(f, 1), "-") = 0 Then
            ShrtData = CStr(Cells(f, 1))
            If Len(ShrtData) <> 9 Or Not IsNumeric(ShrtData) Then
            End If
        End If
End Sub

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llawrencegAuthor Commented:
Great Alternative
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