Where else to put about button?

I need to add an About button to a winform app.  The screen I want to add it on is the first screen.  The button doesn't really go nicely anywhere and is odd since it seems out of context.  I can add a menu bar and put the About link there.  However, the app doesn't have a menu bar and the About will be the only item in it.

Is there a better more elegant way to include access to About information?
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do you have some kind of logo in your application? you could make it clickable to get your about box. You could also handle a right click context menu in which you would add an about link. Yet another option could be a splash screen displaying your about information...
Standard practice is to include such information in Menu -> Help -> About...
If you need to include information somewhere on the main form using a LinkLabel may be fitting better than a button. for example somewhere at the bottom you could have 'About the program' link in small print.
brettrAuthor Commented:
I'm considering going with the context menu suggestion.  If nothing else, I'll follow the Help menu standard mentioned by lof.
I believe brettr's comment is good one. I'd go with context menu myself. If you don't want to have main menu - context one is nice alternative.

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