Brother 5250DN Sleep problem

Hi there,

I have a brother 5250dn that doesn't always wake up from sleep mode. This is a network printer that is currently using USB. The firmware is current. When I send a job it will not respond and I will have to push the 'go' button to resolve.

Any ideas/??

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BDL_ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I find USB equipment goes to hibanate very quickely and does not like to wake upon on action
I would use the network cable rather than USB

Is the printer set up locally or shared of another machine?

klondike_caAuthor Commented:
It's set up locally - right to the workstation. That is really all there is left to do - try it on the network instead. I know people had similar issues on the network til they updated the firmware. I can't think of anything to do for the usb settings. I don't want to leave it awake all the time.. so i'll try the network settings.

Thanks and i"ll let you know.
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