Mozilla Firefox display problem with Joomla 1.5

I have a category blog layout with 2 articles to display. Due to Joomla's ordering system, they get bunched up into the left hand column.

Here's the link:

works ok in IE but not FF. Does anyone know of a fix?
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David S.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems that IE8 is the only browser that's displaying how you want it.

It looks like most browsers need "" to have a width specified. IE8 seems to be rendering it at 803px wide.
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
hi Kravimir,

Are you able to tell me where that file is located?

David S.Commented:
It's this one:  /~tekspec/taste/templates/wines/css/template.css
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
GURU! thank you very much.
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