AjaxPro can't find *.ashx files


I'm developing a website using ASP.NET and AjaxPro.
My project works fine as log as the site is within my wwwroot (IIS7).
But when I open it at an other server (IIS6) or using Visual Studio from an other folder than my wwwroot AjaxPro doesn't work anymore.
This is the output by Fiddler:

#      Result      Protocol      Host      URL      Body      Caching      Content-Type      Process      Comments      Custom      
551      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /webWeb/ajaxpro/core.ashx      3.049      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
552      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/converter.ashx      3.059      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
553      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/_Default,App_Web_vmoj5imf.ashx      3.091      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
554      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/prototype.ashx      3.059      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
555      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/core.ashx      3.049      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
556      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/converter.ashx      3.059      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  
557      404      HTTP      localhost:62243      /web/ajaxpro/_Default,App_Web_vmoj5imf.ashx      3.091      private        text/html; charset=utf-8      firefox:10304                  

The web.config is like it is suggest and as I say with this it works in my local IIS7:
      <location path="ajaxpro">
                        <add verb="*" path="ajaxpro/*.ashx" name="AjaxPro" type="AjaxPro.AjaxHandlerFactory,AjaxPro.2"/>

Any idea why this happens?


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anvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should disable "Check File Exists" for ashx file type in your IIS settings. check this
andre72Author Commented:
Thanks but this is already disabled
RovastarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What subcode do you get for the 404. Fiddler doesn't seem to display this.

Look in your IIS logs and post back the information from the failing server.
andre72Author Commented:
I'd just use the wrong settings. Thanks for your support
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