order by max date desc

hi  - this is what i'm trying to accomplish:

I want to select the rows with the most recent date for a given item_id.

The result should be:

inventory_date  inventory_count  item_id
2009-01-07       54               1
2008-12-31       65               2
2009-01-02       36               3

here's a pic of the table


the column names are wrong but will this logic work??
  $result = mysql_query('SELECT `http_referer`, COUNT(*) AS count, MAX(`date_requested`) AS last_request_date FROM `stats` WHERE `http_referer` IS NOT NULL GROUP BY `http_referer` ORDER BY MAX(`date_requested`) DESC');
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Try this out....(replace yourtable with your table name)
SELECT * FROM  yourtable s1 WHERE  inventory_date=(SELECT MAX(s2.inventory_date) FROM yourtable s2 WHERE s1.item_id = s2.item_id)

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You can try the following query. This way it will give you (replace thetable with your table name and yourid with the id you wan to filter with):
SELECT * FROM  thetable T WHERE  T.inventory_date=(SELECT MAX(TT.inventory_date) FROM thetable TT WHERE T.item_id = TT.item_id) AND T.item_id=yourid

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phillystyle123Author Commented:
that's what i was looking for  - thanks!
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