DCDiag disappears

I found dcdiag on windows server 2003 disc (support>tools). Tried to run it but it shuts itself down. Installed it on the machine and tried to run it from there. Same problem though.

It's like it starts and says "Doing initial required tests. Testing server: Default-First-Site\Brunnner-Server
Starting Test: Connectivity"

and then all of a sudden the whole shell disappears?????
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Glen KnightCommented:
My guess is you are running it from within Windows and it fnshes processing then shutsdown?

Try openning a command prompt and running it from there.
Mike KlineCommented:
never had that happen, what happens if you try to output it to a text fiel
dcdiag /v > c:\dcdiagtest.txt
see if that also cuts off or doesn't finish (post here if you are allowed)
Try reinstalling in support tools & scan for virus/worm which might be reason for the corruption of files.

You can install support tools on other windows 2003 & run dcdiag /s:domaincontroller_name see if it works.
Mike KlineCommented:
Nice one demazter... i should have thought of that too :)
Glen KnightCommented:
Thanks Mike, think of me next time your talking to the MVP panel :)
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