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upgrade from windows 7 pro to enterprise

I have a volume license agreement with Microsoft and just got a couple of laptops in that are already pre-installed with windows 7 professional. They are also loaded up with alot of data and already have several user profiles.

Rather than "wipe them clean" and use sccm to load up windows 7 enterprise, and have to mess around with researching and creating packages for each of the manufacturer's utilities, I would much rather just do an "anytime upgrade" from windows 7 pro to windows 7 enterprise.

Microsoft tells me there is no way to do this short of wiping the laptops and deploying an image with windows 7 enterprise, but this is exactly what I would prefer to avoid.

Does anyone know of any way, or even a 3rd party utility, that will simply allow me to insert the windows 7 enterprise media,  do an anytime upgrade from windows 7 pro to windows 7 enterprise?

I would prefer if there is a quick and easy way to upgrade from windows 7 pro to windows 7 enterprise without having to wipe and reload, or wipe and sccm it.  I do not have time to deal with the user state migration tool and just want a quick way to go from windows 7 pro to windows 7 enterprise.

If anyone knows of a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.
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I'm afraid that Microsoft is right. I have tried it myself and tested workarounds to do this and have been unsuccessful.
One of the main reasons I believe they do this is because of the hidden 100MB partition they great for the use of Bitlocker. It just doesn't let you.
I suppose that in the future they will find a workaround this but at the moment, I personally have not found a way.
If you could do one of the computer, clean install and then use Acronis Workstation with Universal Restore this might be a faster workaround: http://www.acronis.com/backup-recovery/advanced-workstation/
"....Administrators can quickly standardize the recovery process, even when recovering to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines by using the optional Acronis® Backup & Recovery" 10 Universal Restore"..."
This is the only workaround I know that works for this..... It will save you a lot of time. The beauty of it is that you can image one machine and then restore to another machine that may have dissimilar hardware.....
It is an option and sure beats having to do one by one..... It's the only 3rd party software that I know does this that I have tested. There may be others around such as Paragon but I have not tested it so I would be reluctant to recommend it (although I hear it is very good)
I hope it helps. Please keep me posted.
You could of course do an upgrade from Pro to ultimate. Ultimate has all the features enterprise has - but you need new licenses.
You might work out a deal with the laptop manufacturer to get ultimate licenses against an adequate "upgarde-payment".
   Hi there ACECORP,,,

I would suggest in this case to create a system image for each laptop , backup all the data in your dirves.
Then you can try to do the "anytime upgrade" in case you face any problem so you can reinstall the image back to the laptops and go back like nothing was done on it .

Best Wishes
ACECORPAuthor Commented:
Windows Anytime Upgrade is not possible from Pro to Enterprise. I will try out this acronis tool when I return from holiday vacation. Sounds faster than building out sccm packages for each of the manufacturer specific utilities. Being able to restore to dissimilar hardware will be helpful.
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