Word 2007 Autotext - Building Blocks Submenus

I have a document that I created using the Mac version of M$ Office 2004. I created a TON of autotext entries, each of which had its own submenus. eg:

Menu A
  Submenu A1
      Item A1-1
  Submenu A2
      Item A2-1
  Submenu A3
      Item A3-1
Menu B
  Submenu B1
      Item B1-1
  Submenu B2
      Item B2-1
      Item B2-2
  Submenu B3
      Item B3-1

Menu Z
  Submenu Z1
      Item Z1-1
      Item Z1-2
  Submenu Z2
      Item Z2-1
  Submenu Z3
      Item Z3-1

Is there ANY way to regain this functionality in the (poorly designed) Office 2007 suite? I know that I can use Building Blocks, but even when I create categories with it, and transfer them to a new .DOTX template, I only have one level of Building Block entries, and I cannot have my simple, easy to use sub-menus which allowed me to use these entries with ease (moronic M$).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
Thank you, but I already read that and the entire M$ Lack-of-Knowledge Base, and no luck. I only have a single-level of autotext entries rather than multi-level arrangements. At this point, I'm trying to find a way to export ALL autotext entries so I can call them up using a macro-enabled lookup table, until I have enough time to deploy OpenOffice.org on my office PCs.
The following link should get you back on track...
Hope this helps.
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