Different project options in visual studio 2008


can you please explain all the different project types available in visual studio 2008?

i mean to say... which type of project is suited for what

also, what is the difference in selecting a new website from the menu and selecting "web" from project?
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You can find detailed information about the Project Templates available in Visual Studio 2008  in the following link.

Default Project Templates in Visual Studio

A web site is just a group of all files in a folder and sub folders.  There is no project file. All files under the specific folder - including your  word documents, text files, images etc are part of the web site.

You have  to deploy all files including source files (unless you pre compile them) to the  server. Files are compiled dynamically during run time.

The Visual Studio 2005/2008 Web Application Project model uses the same project,  build and compilation method as the Visual Studio .NET 2003 web project  model.

All code files within the project are compiled into a single  assembly that is built and copied in the Bin directory.

All files  contained within the project are defined within a project file (as well as the  assembly references and other project meta-data settings). Files under the web's  file-system root that are not defined in the project file are not considered  part of the web project.

Refer this link: Introduction to Web Application Projects
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thank you!
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