After Win 7 Upgrade to Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit see Disk Boot Failure intermittent.

I upgraded a HP Pavilion Slimline from Vista 64 Home to Windows 7 Home Prem 64 bit.  
After the upgrade I see that on some reboots the error "Disk Boot Failure" and the system stops. at this message.  I hit the power button and the system boots normally.

Any ideas what the problem could be and how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance
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rdwolfConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I checked the BIOS settings and the Boot order had a disabled Floppy first in the order.

I moved it to 4th (1st CD/DVD, 2) HDD, 3) Network LAN, 4th Floppy (Disabled)).

The problem went away so I do not believe this is a hard drive issue in this case.

This is not likely a Win7 related issue, it is likely that you Hard Drive is about to fail.

Use the Win7 Backup utilities to back your stuff up ASAP.
Buy a new Hard Drive
Restore your stuff from backup
rdwolfAuthor Commented:
But the system was not having this "Disk Boot Failure" before the Win 7 Upgrade so if this is not a hard drive hardware failing issue what could it be?  Could the Master Boot Record for the OS Partiion be corrupted, etc?
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You probably have bad sectors on your disk.
Check that ....
Because your problem is intermitant, I wouldnt expect it to be BIOS settings.

The BIOS starts the same every time, so changing the boot order shouldnt fix it.

Do yourself a favour, get a backup happening then run some DOS/Linux based HDD test software.
 Hi there rdwolf,,,

I will not go futher that nwhat @kortina mentioned ,,,,,,
Try first to boot up normally ask you mentioned in the question then download the latest update of the BIOS software and install it so the BIOS software will be updated then check if still you have the same problem or not .

Best Wishes
rdwolfAuthor Commented:
Request close.  My own solution worked.  Have not seen issue in over 3 weeks.
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