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computer keeps restarting - errors in eventvwr - offline caching

i have a system that keeps restarting out of nowhere

the system info:
new workstation [ 30 days old ]
existing user
windows xp pro sp3
networked to domain
roaming profile
no automatic updates
administrative rights

the server is windows server 2003

the system will reboot in the middle of work 1-3 times a day
i have checked all hardware = tests show all is fine

eventvwr shows these 4 errors under application:
event id # 15
event id # 1054
event id # 1525
event id # 1521

i have gone to:
my computer > tools > folder options > offline folder = unchecked enable offline files

i have also pinged the work station to server = its working
i have checked the server to see that the workstation is listed = it is
i have checked the server to see if the user is listed = it is

i do not know what is going on? i am lost???

i have included images of the event id's.

1 Solution
webdottAuthor Commented:
sorry - here are the images

This is may problem with you dns.

Set your DC DNS IP address to client mahine and try once.

For keep restarting.....

Goto > Run > msconfig > startup >

Have a look whether unrequired process being executed.

And also

Goto > Regedit > 

delete if any keys are listed here. if yes delete those..
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Also RUN dxdiag for hardware tests.
webdottAuthor Commented:

ran dxdiag = all is good

shows the following:
C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe /auto  

shows no values under default and nothing other than the defaults
im sorry, but what do you mean by;
Set your DC DNS IP address to client mahine and try once.

your primary dns address set to your internal dns/dc dns.
webdottAuthor Commented:
i also do not have any other issues with any other machines
- just a thought though -
four of these systems were imaged using ghost 14.
i thought i had used windows  newsid app to change the sys id
could this cause a problem? i thought if two systems had the same sys id,
the system would not be allowed online at all?
Windows will not allow multiple single names in same network.

So you need to change system ids which are having same name.

and ip address even applies the same. Please change those accordingly.
webdottAuthor Commented:
it has been a long day, i am sorry but i do not understand?
are you talking about the server ip =
the router ip =
the computers =
the computer does not conflict with any other computer
each computer on the network has a set ip address
webdottAuthor Commented:
i checked all the sid's of the new systems = none with the same
redid this systems id just now again. so i do not think this could be it.
what is OFFLINE CACHING as in event id # 1525?
I have changed everything  to not have Offline caching on the system?
Create new profile on computer that use windows xp. Monitor it.
webdottAuthor Commented:
i think the profile itself was corrupt and causing the issue.
i found this on ee
i deleted the profile and have logged of and on a few times with no errors : )
i will keep testing.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
Try resetting the offline file cache.
In explorer
tools>folder options
choose offline files tab
hold shift and ctrl and press delete

webdottAuthor Commented:
i found the solution:
open My Computer
right click C: drive
click Properties
click on Sharing Tab
click on Caching button under sharing
uncheck the box
= this solved the issue
thanks to all for helping
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