Devoloping mobile sites and integrating sms based services


1. I want to get started on developing mobile sites and got a few related questions.
I'm really focused on being able to deliver optimized content, so i'm looking for a setup (framework/api whatever - php supported) where i'm able to differentiate whether someone is visiting the site from an smartphone or just a "regular" phone, and serve content thereafter.

I've found a service where you can subscribe and get access to their database/API of more than 5000 mobile phones. It seems pretty decent and can be found here:
Do anyone know of similar services? What would you recommend?

2. Integrating SMS services. How does that work? I've been thinking of a few "normal and basic" scenarios where I could find use of pushing out SMS'es.
- A basic "invite your friend" - You enter your friends number, click send and an SMS is pushed out to that number with some defined text.
- A "classic" send KEYWORD to NUMBER (could be 1250 or something like that) and push out an SMS
- You could also imagine that we've collected a lot of numbers through subscriptions and want to push out an SMS to all of the subscribers

That's just to give an idea on what I possibly would want to do :) I'm especially struggling on the SMS part.
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brandscapeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Device Atlas is DEFINITELY where you want to be.

You may also have seen the sister site - Mobiforge - this is a particularly good post:

In terms of SMS - the best approach is to use an aggregator for outgoing SMS(Sometomies called MT - Mobile Terminated messages): is great for pushing multiple messages. You could either use one of the products for managing the messages ( or integrate it to your website or existing system using their API: (

In terms of INCOMING SMS (or MO - Mobile Originated)  You can either use a 5 digit short code number - which sometimes attracts reventue share, or a standard LONG CODE. Check out:


MO messaging is more territory related the MT messaging and in fact Clickatell only supports short codes in the following territorires:

South Africa (shortcode MO)

Ray PaseurCommented:
You might also want to take a look at these guys:

They make a lot of things that simplify internet telephony and I think they are looking at a low-cost SMS offering.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
brandscape:> That was exactly what I needed - a lot of new things for me in it, so guess I need to look deeper into in the coming vacation.
Do you personally have any experience using device Atlas and clickatells API? Is it a jungle? I got a basic know how of PHP,SQL and know my way around modifying templates etc.

Ray_Paseur> Thanks, i'll surely also look into that!
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Yes - we are more on the .NET side of things, but they both support PHP just as well. I found the Clickatell API pretty straight foreward, with either the HTTP or the DLL object. Lot's of sample code always helps - and they have that.

Device Atlas may need a little more attention, it uses JSON files which were new to me when I first looked at it, but I got it up and running in 2 night sessions, Bear in mind there is a licence fee to get regular updates - and the updates are very important given the speed at which handsets evolve.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Sry for the lack of response, christmas and all that.

But guess I just need to jump into it and see what problems I will hit.
Thanks for all your views and info, it's really appreciated - and have surely put me in the right direction. I'll probably be back with some questions for clickatell or device atlas at some point :)

Merry christmas!
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