plasma or led tv better for conference room

Can anyone help me which ever is better option for our conference room.

plasma 63 " , led 55 " or above

your help highly appericiated.
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Well, I've got one of the Samsung LEDs, the 40B6000. It has the wow factor you are looking for, mine does. But it also is very hard on my eyes, which I think has more to do with the 120hz and the brightness that this set can achieve. And I do have the brightness and other settings turned down, the set is not in torch mode.

I also just picked up a new 2009 Samsung 58" B560 600hz plasma. The pq of both sets are in the same ball park, the LED has that 3D pop/wow effect you are looking for. But, and a big BUT... Myself, I find all of that wow effect very hard on my eyes, fatiguing and actually depending on the source, can really turn my stomach in a physical way. It actually makes me sick!

Now my new plasma has a more natural look and feel to it, very easy to watch without hurting the eyes. The plasma also has a slight 3D effect which I do like, it is much more natural looking. As are the blacks and detail, which are fantastic on the plasma. The LED also plays nice with the blacks and shadows, but the plasma still wins in this category and it is not fatiguing to watch.

Myself, I much prefer to watch the plasma, and or my 60hz Sony 46" KDLV3000, for any extended viewing time. Don't get me wrong, the LED is a beautiful set with a fantastic picture, it will stay in my bedroom where it works fantastic due to its thin chassis, which I needed to be able to wall mount it in a traffic area. If I would not have needed that thin of a set, I would have much preferred a plasma. And I could have gotten one heck of a plasma for the money I threw down on the LED.

I don't know if any of the above will help, or just confuse. But I would find a showroom that has a nice dark viewing room with some high quality sources hooked up and compare with your own eyes. Would I buy this LED again, yes, just because of its thin chassis. Would I use it as my main set, no.


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It is very difficult to offer an opinion without knowing what your constraints are.  Plasma and LEDs are two different technologies with different advantages/disadvantages.  Plasmas have great picture quality, but suffer from burn-in on static images.  They are better with fast-moving images, however.  LEDs are basically LCDs with a different light source and will last longer than any other technology.  They are like computer monitors in that they can display a very high pixel resolution, but they also suffer from off-axis viewing.  See
seraj786Author Commented:
i am looking for a LEd oe Plasma 55" or 63 " good enough for vewing 30 people and we want to use the led or plasma basically for power point presentation and further i want to know the wireless capabilities for the same e.g. from laptop to lcd we tried with pc to tv sender device the image are not of good quality on a 32"lcd tv. i hope there is abetter solution .
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U need to consider two things:

1.Does your Display support Full HD ie 1080p
2.Does the PC/Laptop have an HD out.

Even if you buy the best LED or Plasma in the world and your laptop/PC doesnt have a HD out it will look like crap.

In order to have great picture irrespective of it being a plasma/LED you need to have a display that supports full HD and a lapptop/PC which can output at Full HD
Having done a lot of research on this I can assure you that for a conference room where people will be viewing the screen from different angles, the plasma will be far better.  You only have to stand to the side of an LCD screen to see what I mean.  However, you must consider at such a large size - 63" - the viewing distance.

My 42" 720p plasma was based on a viewing distance of ten feet and believe me it is perfect, any larger you would lose quality in viewing.  People often make the mistake of buying a huge TV and compromise the quality.  I know someone who has a 42" TV which is located only 4 foot from them and the TV gets so hot you come away with a tan!

A lot of research has been done on viewing distances so there is a lot out there to help you but here is a link to the best forum for your question and a further link to a search on viewing distances to get your teeth into -

Are you going to have people in a narrow configuration or a wide configuration in the conference room?  If it's wide, the plasma will be better because LCD doesn't have as good off-axis viewing.  You will need to do something about static images, though, because powerpoint presentations are mostly those.

Wireless broadcasting of HD quality images is expensive - you may want to investigate these:
I can tell you from the viewpoint of an Electronic Technician that Plasma will be much more prone to failure.
Plasma electronics are much more complex and they can have 2 or 3 times more components to fail than LCD or LED screens.
seraj786Author Commented:
it give me some idea
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