How to create Drop Down Menus in MOSS sites?

Hi, i want to create 2 Level and 3 Level submenus , those items has to come from Navigation. Do anybody can guide me how to do this.
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I think you asked this question second time na !...
Anyway plz don't ask the same question two times. For your reference follow the below steps for your requirement.

1. Open your master page in SharePoint Designer 2007.
2. Open Your Master Page.
3. Click Ctrl + F
4. In the search Box write TopNavigationMenu , this one is an ID.
5. In the properties for the tag, find MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels="1".  Change the number from 1 to want ever the number you want. But caution that don't exceed 10.
6. Remember that, If you want to fly over menu with 3 level in all the sites, then you need to create a page based on this template which is changed now.

In Moss 2007 by default you will have Drop Down menu, but it is an single level drop down. If you want two or more levels then change the dynamic level to number upto 10 in the master page. So that it will give you the multiple drop down menus.
ravibabubAuthor Commented:
its good, nice
May I know, Why you had given the B rating ? Is this solution is not perfect for your senario ?
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