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Hi experts, i want to configure cisco2950 switch to get ip from  microsoft dhcp server and also the computers connected with that switch can get the ip from the dhcp server.

what are the configurations for this task.

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The necessary steps are:

1. Install DHCP server role on the Windows Server
2. If you are working in a Windows Domain environment, authorize the DHCP server in Active Directory
3. Create, configure and activate a DHCP scope on the DHCP server
4. Plug the 2950 switch into the Windows Server and power on the switch.  If it still has the factory default configuration it should request a lease from the DHCP server.  THe power-on process can take up to 5 minutes.  You should be able to verify that the switch has received an address by checking in the "Leases" section within the Scope you just create in the DHCP management mmc on the Windows Server.
5. Plug client PCs into the 2950 switch, and select "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" in TCP/IP settings in Windows on each client.

Provided you have a factory default configuration on the 2950 switch this will work.  However if you have VLANs set up, the client PCs may not get a lease when plugged into certain ports.  If the management interface has been configured with a static IP address, the switch itself may not be assigned an IP address.  Also, if port security is configured, the switch might not allow the DHCP server to assign addresses.

If you don't need the existing configuration on the switch, it is best to perform a factory reset to avoid these problems:

Please let me know if you need more explanation of any of these steps.


sportsboyAuthor Commented:
alright that works
Thanks for the points, sportsboy!


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