IBM server memory problem 3-3-3 beeps.

Hi. We have an IBM x226 server. (Model 8648-2AY) This currently has 2x512 & 4x256 memory. I have removed these & fitted 2x2GB pieces to slots 1 & 2 (IBM PC2-5300 ECC DDR2). When I boot the server I get the 3-3-3 error beeps & no screen output.
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Thanks in advance.
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tigin44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
in the manual of the servers the frequency of the ram modules defined as   PC2-3200 DDR II which are not compatibale with the ones you installed.
in servers memory slots usually used in pairs. You should place the pieces into the correct pair. They are probably labeled i.e.
0A 1A 2 A 0B 1B 2B

so you should place your pieces in to the slots 0A and 0B ...
JohnlogAuthor Commented:
Hi tigin44.
The memory slots are DIMM1 to DIMM6 not 0A etc.
I installed these into DIMM1 & DIMM2 - is this correct?
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there should be a label on the board near the slots or on the case... check for the pairs...
by the way is the frequency of the ram modules installed compatible with servers specifications?
Check page 97 (or 107 on Adobe page number) for the beep codes on this server model:

JohnlogAuthor Commented:
Thanks to All.
Correct Memory solved problem.
Sorry for the response delay.
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